stiff neck.. eye pain.. headaches :(?


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ok i need some serious opinions.. ive been dealing with this for many months.. i have been havng stiff neck.. eye pressure pain.. and headaches that come after the eye pain..

ive been to the dentist.. the allergist doctors.. family doctor.. ear nose throat doctor.. chiropractor… my cardiologist.. and eye doctor and a few others.. i have tried to cover each and every angle but still no luck..

the symptoms come during any point of the day and can last all day long.. ibruprofen doesnt do a thing.. light sometimes hurt.. hurts to push and touch my eyelids.. it makes me tired and lose my appetite.. i have lost nearly 10 pounds in the last few months cause of eating less.. whats ur opinions?

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4 Responses to “stiff neck.. eye pain.. headaches :(?”

  1. Gia says:

    Hi, I tried this new diet supplement from They have a risk free trial on right now. What it does, is rinse out your pipes, there can be as much as 20 lbs in there, and no degree of dieting and exercise is going to obliterate it. Give it a go – I did, and lost 17 lbs LOL!!!

  2. dr.ali.habibi says:

    hello dear

    the symptoms you said are belong to migraine headache probably .
    first you sense pressure back of your eye then headache and neck stiffness and pain travels from front to back of your head or reverses and if the headache goes serious you fill vomiting and light sensitivity and sound sensitivity .consult neurologist doctor and he or she probably prescribes you medicines for prophylaxis and treatment . before this actions your doctor may be requests head ct scan and EEG for ensurement . dont worry dude .

  3. John says:

    Have you asked the medics to consider ‘idiopathic intracranial hypertension’?

  4. Digital_shubhi says:

    I think there is some problem in your eyes due to which these things are happening.
    Just get your eyes checked once.

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